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In keeping with his overall approach Kohut's usage of the terms "experience-near" arid "experience-distant" is inevitably multifaceted; he conveys his meaning of these (and other concepts) mainly through his many different usages o f t h e m , rather than by offering a formal definition, which might lock u p his ideas in a less easily niodifiable way. He is still only interested--even in this fourth period-in communicating his ideas and expanding their empirical base, rather than in elegantly abstract and perhaps straightjacketing definitions.

There are no ambiguities left-this is what makes the field in question pure psychology. What is not settled and open to further debate is the question: Is this a satisfactory and generally acceptable definition for psychoanalysis o r not? (2) On the empirical level empathy is (a) an objective mode of data-gathering and through leading to "understanding" an informer of appropriate action, that is, "If you understand, 'put yourself into the shoes of,' think [and feel] yourself appropriately into the inner life of another person, then you can use this knowledge for your purposes" (chap.

Kohut is aware that this seems to contradict everything he had said so far and he continues: "I wish I could sinlply bypass it. But since it is true, and I know it is true, and I've evidence for its being true, I must mention it. Namely that the presence of enipathy in the surrouding milieu, whether used for compassionate, well-intentioned therapeutic, and now listen, even for utterly destructive purposes, is still an admixture of something positive. In other words, there is a step beyond an empathyinformed hatred that wants to destroy you; and an empathy-less environment that just brushes you off the face of the earth" (chap.

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