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Turning, she grinned. Her jet-black hair was slicked back into a short ponytail, and I saw with great humor that she’d matched her purple eye shadow with a purple stud in her left eyebrow. “Yeah, I like it too. ” Paige was slowly working her way through college, which for this semester meant half days on Mondays and Wednesdays. I gave her a lot of credit, because she made up the missed hours on other days. “Do you need any help? I’m almost caught up,” I offered. She considered it, but shook her head.

Maybe I was getting sick? ” He hesitated for a beat. ” “Oh! Yes. ” My fingers brushed his and the floor wobbled. Bright sparks of electricity, millions of them, whisked over me, through me, and my body swooned toward him. As if he were a magnet I couldn’t resist. The air grew so thick it hurt to breathe. ” He tossed me another grin and headed for the exit. I collapsed on the chair behind the counter and tried to catch my breath, tried to will my body to behave. Wow. Just wow. Now I understood what people meant when they talked about spontaneous combustion.

Damn it, Chloe! ” She referred to the fact that I own and operate a New Age store. Well, that, and my general beliefs tend to expand beyond what one can merely see. But she was wrong. The magic she and Elizabeth have is a gift, and gifts are meant to be used. I kept my gaze glued on the kitchen door. “Fate brought me and Kyle back together. ” “Fate? You believe that you and Kyle are fated for each other? ” Alice situated herself in front of me, and because she’s eight inches taller than my five-foot height, doing so broke my eye contact with the door.

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