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By Mark Twain

One of many maximum satires in American literature, Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court starts off whilst Hank Morgan, a talented mechanic in a nineteenth-century New England palms manufacturing facility, is struck at the head in the course of a quarrel and awakens to discover himself one of the knights and magicians of King Arthur’s Camelot.

What follows is a tradition conflict of the 1st significance, as practical-minded Hank, disgusted with the lack of knowledge and superstition of the folks, makes a decision to enlighten them with schooling and know-how. via a sequence of splendidly innovative adventures, Twain celebrates American homespun ingenuity and democracy compared to the backward ineptitude of a chivalric monarchy. even as, in spite of the fact that, Twain increases the query of even if fabric development unavoidably creates a greater society. As Hank turns into extra strong and self-righteous, he additionally turns into extra ruthless, extra autocratic, and no more in a position to keep an eye on occasions, until eventually the one method out is a hugely harmful war.

While the darkish pessimism that may totally blossom in Twain’s later works might be discerned in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, the unconventional will however be remembered essentially for its wild leaps of mind's eye, fabulous wit, and wonderful storytelling.

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Camelot. CHAPTER II. - King Arthur舗s Court. CHAPTER III. - Knights of the Table Round. CHAPTER IV. - Sir Dinadan the Humorist. CHAPTER V. - An Inspiration. CHAPTER VI. - The Eclipse. CHAPTER VII. - Merlin舗s Tower. CHAPTER VIII. - The Boss. CHAPTER IX. - The Tournament. CHAPTER X. - Beginnings of Civilization. CHAPTER XI. - The Yankee in Search of Adventures. CHAPTER XII. - Slow Torture. CHAPTER XIII. - Freemen! CHAPTER XIV. 舡 CHAPTER XV. - Sandy舗s Tale. CHAPTER XVI. - Morgan le Fay. CHAPTER XVII.

Hank brings electricity to Camelot, making it 舠the best electric-lighted town in the kingdom舡 (p. 430); Twain tries to illuminate the Dark Ages themselves. And as an American realist, Twain has an additional stake in this revisionary project. Hank travels through space as well as time. The books Twain is rewriting, like the past Hank revisits, are European. American literature has always been postcolonial. The United States won political independence before the end of the eighteenth century, but cultural independence舒in particular from the inferiority complex that all former colonies acquire舒was something Twain knew his country still had to struggle for.

Copyrighted, 1889, BY S. L. CLEMENS. ) Š Š Š Š Š PRESS OF JENKINS & MCCOWAN, 124-228 Centre St. PREFACE. The ungentle laws and customs touched upon in this tale are historical, and the episodes which are used to illustrate them are also historical. It is not pretended that these laws and customs existed in England in the sixth century; no, it is only pretended that inasmuch as they existed in the English and other civilizations of far later times, it is safe to consider that it is no libel upon the sixth century to suppose them to have been in practice in that day also.

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