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By Lecturer in Hebrew and Aramaic at the Faculty of Oriental Studies Geoffrey Khan

Being direct descendants of the Aramaic spoken by way of the Jews in antiquity, the nonetheless spoken Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialects of Kurdistan deserve precise and bright curiosity. Geoffrey Khan's A Grammar of Neo-Aramaic is a special checklist of 1 of those dialects, now at the verge of extinction. This quantity, the results of vast fieldwork, includes a description of the dialect spoken through the Jews from the area of Arbel (Iraqi Kurdistan), including a transcription of recorded texts and a thesaurus. The grammar comprises sections on phonology, morphology and syntax, preceded by means of an introductory bankruptcy studying the placement of this dialect on the subject of the opposite identified Neo-Aramaic dialects. The transcribed texts list folktales and debts of customs, traditions and reviews of the Jews of Kurdistan.

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Christian Urmia xacä). 3. Uvular stops In a few instanees a velar lk/ at the beginning of a word derives historieally from an uvular *q. 1), whieh derives from *qii. g. / Arab. qalib, Turk. kalip).

HziStazetH golanwa reskulla 'I was in control of everything' (Y:34), J:tatta Hzats'idH la-loll 'so that they would not make a loss' (Y:65). g. Samlrwäla 'he guarded it' (Y:25) < Heb. ~, qlt{lox 'you recorded' (L:5) < Heb. ~;:r. g. qabrlwa 'they buried' (Y:191)

G. märelu 'they are like assess' (Y:176). g. mgi:zn iyya-bo{il 'like this bottle' (Y:SS). g. kimriwa [k'rm'ri:wa] 'they used to say' (Y:48), marewa [mre're:wa] 'it hurt' (Y:57). g. Jamirrüxun [2re'mrrrvxvn] 'he says to you' (Y:65). g. murwela-lli [QJyrwe:lreli:] 'she brought me up' (Y:274). g. hor-[horl-mi:zt gbet 'whatever you want' (L:102), bar [brer] 'after' (L:2, L:82). e. pharyngalized, articulation of Ir/ tends to occur in syllables containing one of the labial consonants Im/, lbl, Iw/, and the open vowel Iai or the close rounded vowel Iu/.

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