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By S. L. Farrell

The breathtaking first novel in a super new delusion seriesA masterwork of fable, The Nessantico Cycle is the epic story of an empire at its peak, but poised close to what can be a devastating descent into spoil. informed from the viewpoints of diverse characters, it's a sweeping saga of homicide and magic (portrayed either as a strong faith and a forbidden art), of deception and betrayal, of Machiavellian politics, star-crossed fans, and a realm dealing with struggle on each entrance.

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The gardai’s brass-tipped staffs jutted above the heads of the onlookers like the posts of a fence, and Ana could glimpse the midnight blue of their uniforms through the less somber colors of those waiting for the Archigos to appear. The acolyte standing at the door to Ana’s carriage produced a whistle from under his robes and blew a piercing note. The gardai responded, opening a gap in the crowd for the carriage to pass through. They rode into the plaza, the wheels of the carriage chattering against the marble flags set there, the téni-driver’s chant ending as the carriage came to a halt to the east of the main doors.

The sun danced on the silken field over his head. He didn’t look at her at all. ” Ana nodded in acceptance, not able to speak. Despite having steeled herself for the inevitability of her failure, the intensity of the disappointment that washed over her then told her how stubbornly she’d been grasping to hope that she was wrong. Three years . . three years and all the solas that my family paid to Concénzia for the privilege, money Vatarh really didn’t have, money they’d begged and borrowed . . Three years, and now Vatarh will be angry, and that will be worst of all.

Good,” the Archigos said. He chuckled at her unrestrained joy. “Then I’ll have your Marque prepared and signed. ” He spoke the title slowly and clearly. He was still looking at her, his head—too large for the small body—tilted to one side as if waiting for the question she wanted to ask. His silence gave her the courage to speak. “I must have misheard you, Archigos. I thought . . ” he said with a chuckle. “U’Téni cu’Dosteau was . . well, he was quite persuasive, and after what I witnessed .

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