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By L. Ron Hubbard

Meet Chuck Lambert, who, notwithstanding no longer precisely a idiot, is accountable of letting his mind's eye get the easiest of his wits. that is simply because our younger, naive Lambert wishes his personal planet. yet instead of buy one legally from the inner division of the Outer Galactic regulate, he quickly succumbs to the flashy advertisements of an unsavory galactic swindler named Madman Murphy & the purported King of Planetary Realtors. What Madman is the king of, is promoting the unwary a planet that won't rather correct, a planet the place one cannot sit simply because there is something the problem with its subject. and that is precisely what turns into the problem for our unfortunate voyager, after Chuck toils for 11 grueling years to scrape jointly sufficient cash to eventually purchase a planet of his personal.

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Finally a young maiden whom Chuck found not at all ugly crept forward and touched his foot. This excited some wonder. She looked bravely up at him and he felt elevated. She took a stick and began to clean the clay off his boots with short pries and Chuck, in middle sentence, found himself getting lighter and lighter. He was a foot off the ground before the end of his uncomprehended paragraph and was beginning to accelerate when his audience took off with one long scream of alarm. The girl crouched where she had been, looking up.

Mallory, you’ve put back space travel fifty years. Every new thing that comes in, somebody will snort and say that Conroy should have found it. It’s very difficult to bring people to realize just what a spanking big Universe that is out there and how many various things there are in it. They were laughing already without the help from your Conroy. We have a flying dog—” The whole crowd laughed. Sven shrugged. “You see. Even 34 ♦ THE CONROY DIAR Y ♦ you salty characters are ready to classify straight out of that confounded diary.

If Sleepy McGee was an example of Planetary men, Tommer knew that one Kaltenborn would go far, very far. “Number Eighteen cat’s been sabotaged,” said Tommer. “That’s the fifth example of tampering since we got here. You’ve got to come out. The link pins are gone on the right tread. That leaves us just five cats. How we’re to smooth down whole mountain ranges with five cats—” Sleepy didn’t have to look up.

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