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By Stanisław Lem

It is a excellent, very humorous ebook. someone acquainted with Lem's brief tales and works like "Imaginary Engines" will understand what to anticipate. unfortunately, the under blurb utilized by the writer is sort of meaningless.

This is the Kandel translation. I doubt if he up-to-date the interpretation for the reissue of the publication through Northwestern college Press. They most likely simply acquired the rights in order that they might rock that critical and jap ecu literature.

This is a set of excellent but imaginary experiences of nonexistent books. With insidious wit, the writer beguiles us with a parade of pleasant, disarmingly customary innovations. "Lem is Harpo Marx and Franz Kafka and Isaac Asimov rolled up into one and down the white rabbit's hole" (Detroit News). A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

(there is a request for this Lem identify, however it is an visible experiment, no longer "retail"...however, if the person that positioned the bounty on it unearths it appropriate, allow me know!)

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In his person he combines a ruthlessness that stops at nothing with the addled idea of re-creating— in the heart of the jungle— the French State in its heyday of monarchical splendor, for he himself is to be the reincarnation of none other than Louis XVI. An aside here. The above does not summarize the novel, nor does what follows, for the progression of the action in the novel does not conform to the calendar chronology given in our ac­ count. We are well aware of the demands of artistic composi­ tion that governed the author; however, we wish to reconstruct in chronicle fashion, as it were, the train of events, so that the central concept, the idea of the work, will stand out clearly and with particular force.

In a region several hundred miles removed from the last outposts of civilization, the expedition comes upon ruins that are at least twelve centuries old, ruins of buildings that were raised in all likelihood by Aztecan crews; the expedition takes up residence in these. ” The former Gruppenfiihrer makes efficient work brigades out of them and sets his armed men over them as taskmasters. Several years pass, and from such activity emerges the shape of the realm that Taudlitz had en­ visioned for himself.

All this in­ formation lies inside Gigamesh, concealed, but retrievable, as in the real world. We understand the compositional idea of Hannahan thus: with an eye toward outdoing his great countryman and prede­ cessor, he wishes to encompass in a belletristic work not only the accumulated linguistic-cultural wealth of the past, but in addition its universal-cognitive and universal-instrumental heri­ tage (pangnosis). The preposterousness of such an objective would appear to be self-evident; it smacks of the pretensions of an idiot, for how can a single novel, the story of the hanging of some gangster, possibly become the distillation, the matrix, the key, and the repository of that which swells the libraries of the globe?!

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