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By A.J. Arberry

Originally released in 1969.

This quantity was once composed by way of an eminent Sufi mystic while in legal in Baghdad, expecting execution, in a useless try to overthrow his sentence; he was once placed to demise in advert 1311 on the age of 33. This apologia is a rfile of serious poignancy, composed in so much dependent Arabic and translated with the commonly used ability and magnificence for which A J Arberry turned so recognized.


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35 And if the sable crow Endured my grief and woe, And shared my worries, lo! ’Twould turn as white as snow. For cares have crowded in upon me, and have bent their necks towards me; my bowels have become a dwelling-place for them, so that consolation cannot find a way unto them. I have come to regard my enemy as if I were his friend; for the misfortunes of destiny have loaded me with a burden I cannot endure. If such a load were laid upon the mountains, they would be split asunder; if upon hard and solid rocks, they would be broken to pieces: If this that weighs upon my bones Assailed the rocks, ‘twould split those stones!

83 In one of his revelations he was given the choice between a number of things. Out of them all he chose tribulation; he lost his eyes, hands and feet. Among the great Sufis is Muḥammad b. 84 He had something to say on all the Sufi sciences. Aḥmad b. ’ He was the first man to discourse on these sciences in Baghdad. He met with a great response at Tarsus; people flocked to him; then they heard him, in a state of intoxication, saying things such that they testified against him as an atheist and an incarnationist.

My purpose in inditing it was to explain certain states claimed by the Sufis, the appearance of which depended upon the manifestation of a stage beyond the stage of reason. Philosophers deny such states because they are imprisoned in the narrow defile of reason. The term ‘prophet’ for them means a man who has attained the furthest degree of reason. That, however, has nothing in common with faith in prophethood. Prophethood in fact consists in a variety of perfections which supervene in a stage beyond the stage of sainthood.

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