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By Anne McCaffrey

Acorna's humans, the Linyaari, have started reclaiming their homeworld from the ravages of the brutal Khleevi. however the first wave of explorers has unlocked a bigger secret in regards to the origins of the Linyaari -- one who has led Aari, Acorna's cherished lifemate, on a deadly trip from which he might by no means go back. atmosphere off on a quest to discover Aari, Acorna and her neighbors -- Captain Becker, Mac, Nadhari, and RK -- are compelled to crash land at the attractive and barbaric unique jungle international of Makahomia, domestic of the mysterious Temple Cats. yet an evil scheme threatens to wreck the sacred tom cats. to avoid wasting the cats, Acorna will lead a band of rebels on a trip into Makahomia's temples and hidden sanctuaries. And there, inside of one sacred shrine, she is going to realize surprising details which can bring about Aari . . .or to catastrophe.

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Hafiz, with some justification, considered the man a barbarian rapist, but of the two Wats, he was actually far less hostile and more amenable to learning. Even his actions toward Karma would, in his own culture, have been a compliment. Acorna had deduced that the Wats' world had some remarkable differences from modern human society. The personality and character differences between the Wats caused the men to argue among themselves a bit, which gave Mac opportunities to learn more of their language, and - once he'd deciphered what they meant-give them further instruction in modern Basic.

Unable to say anything to help, Acorna fell silent for most of the remainder of the short hop to MOO. She and Becker each thought their respective thoughts 'while RK lay between them on the console, his tail waving lazily back and forth. Hafiz Harakamian, a wily, wealthy intergalactic businessman and her adopted uncle, greeted Acorna warmly when they arrived on the Moon Of Opportunity, but he kept a sympathetic reserve. Acorna could see many unasked questions in his eyes. Just as well he didn't ask.

Passion. Even in another species. He was starting to remind her a bit of Thariinye that way. Acorna hurried out of that room as quickly as good manners and the Wats would let her. She wasn't required on the bridge much on this trip. With the Condor's new Khleevi control panel modifications, Becker and Mac were able to manipulate the controls much better than she was. She hoped that Becker would wear out this particular configuration before Aari returned. She doubted her lifemate would really appreciate the ironic humor in the use of Khleevi technology aboard the Condor.

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