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By Dr Guiseppe Caforio, Manas Chatterji

There might be no larger homage to lately deceased sociologist Charles C. Moskos than dedicating to him this feature of the papers offered at RC01's foreign convention in Seoul (July 2008). It deals an updated view of the landscape of social reviews on military and clash solution in a context of fast-moving swap that renders many previous theoretical previsions out of date. simply to cite features of this variation, you possibly can element firstly to how the awarded reviews stream past the very inspiration of globalization, and then the convention have been named. It actually emerged with readability that the hot dimensions of the context within which militaries and armed forces coverage needs to circulation are these of a relentless, diffuse interplay of the 'local' and the 'global', so-called globalization. A moment element, within the foreign zone, is the shift in the direction of a multipolar international order with the USA, the ecu Union, China, Russia, Latin the USA, Japan and India all manoeuvring for place, a shift that has major effects on army motion besides.

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Indeed, the price of my own airline ticket from Chicago rose $200 during two days in which I was making final arrangements to come here. The exploding economies of Asia will be hurt to the extent that increased transportation costs affect prices in distant markets and change the calculation of business deciding where to locate their factories. My countrymen are often accused of lacking a sense of history, which we do at our peril. As a professor at a great Jesuit university, I recall the words of the wise preacher Ecclesiastes, who noted the same thing long ago: ‘‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

1999). The postmodern military: Armed forces after the Cold War. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Moskos, C. , & Wood, F. R. (Eds). (1988). The military: More than just a job? Elmsford Park, NY: Pergamon-Brassey’s. SOLDIERS AND SCHOLARS IN A WORLD OF GROWING INTERDEPENDENCE John Allen Williams 1. INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS I would like to make three main points in this chapter. First, although the world is shrinking in some ways, it is not becoming homogeneous. Second, the profession of arms and the life of the mind are not incompatible, and sometimes coexist in the same individual.

Many of the contributors to this volume are longstanding members of one or both of these associations, and their scholarship reflects cumulative discussions with member colleagues at conferences and meetings. Charlie would take particular interest in the increasing inclusion of our colleagues who study Asian militaries, because reaching out beyond Europe and North America is a shared goal of this academic community. The substantive, theoretical, and methodological approaches of these essays demonstrate that the research agenda of Charlie Moskos will live on through many sociologists in countries across the globe.

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