Download Adventures of the Mad Monk Ji Gong: The Drunken Wisdom of by by Guo Xiaoting (Author), John Robert Shaw (Translator), PDF

By by Guo Xiaoting (Author), John Robert Shaw (Translator), Victoria Cass Ph.D. (Introduction)

Stick to the intense and hilarious adventures of a mad Zen Buddhist monk who rose from humble beginnings to develop into considered one of China's maximum people heroes!

Ji Gong studied on the nice Ling Yin monastery, an incredible temple that also levels up the steep hills above Hangzhou, close to Shanghai. The Chan (Zen) Buddhist masters of the temple attempted to tutor Ji Gong within the spartan practices in their sect, however the younger monk, following within the footsteps of alternative nice ne'er-do-wells, uncommon himself generally through getting expelled. He left the monastery, turned a wanderer with rarely a formal piece of garments to put on, and completed nice renown—in seedy wine retailers and consuming establishments!

This might have been the place Ji Gong's tale ended. yet his unorthodox type of Buddhism quickly made him a hero for renowned storytellers of the music dynasty period. Audiences extremely joyful in stories the place the mad previous monk ignored—or even mocked—authority, defied logic, by no means ignored the wine, but nonetheless controlled to save lots of the day. Ji Gong is still well known in China even this present day, the place he on a regular basis looks because the clever outdated drunken idiot in videos and television exhibits. In Adventures of the Mad Monk Ji Gong, you will learn how he has a rogue's knack for exposing the corrupt and legal whereas nonetheless pursuing the dual delights of enlightenment and intoxication. This literary vintage of a touring martial arts grasp, struggling with evil and righting wrongs, will entertain Western readers of every age!

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There he asked to see the master of the temple. The abbot, Yuan Kong, a Buddhist of the ninth degree, was aged and feeble, but his mind was still strong and his understanding profound. When Xiuyuan was brought before him, the old monk knew at once that the youth was the reincarnation of the golden-bodied lohan who subju-gates tigers and dragons. Lohan were commonly believed to be powerful spirits of former teachers of Buddhism, filled with infinite compassion. However, in order to enter Nirvana, the state of having attained enlightenment and the freeing of the self, these lohan had to pass through countless reincarnations because of the burden of their human faults.

He had his silver with him. The next day he walked on to Baijiajuan and began asking about senior graduate Gu. The neighbors all said that old master Gu had been promoted to the foreign office, and they did not know where he was performing his official duties. When Dong Shihong heard this, it was as if he had been standing at the top of an immensely tall pagoda and had lost his footing. At the bank of the Qiantang River, he asked all the workers who pulled the old decaying barges up and down the river whether they remembered moving the household furniture of official Gu.

When a precious talisman disappears from a friend’s keeping, Ji Gong learns of its progress. ). Finally, it is taken through the gate of Prime Minister Qin’s estate and hung in the upper story of a fine pavilion. ”14 As goods move, so do travelers. As readers, we are on foot in this vital city; no need for the grander forms of travel. When Ji Gong threads his way through this peculiar urban marriage of Hangzhou and Beijing, we can follow him at a good crisp walk. Enter the ghost. His skin was a light sickly purple in color, his eyebrows heavy and long, shading his widely spaced eyes.

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