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To do this use a wood rasp; then sand it down to get a perfect finish. It is important to eliminate all irregularities on the perimeter: they can cause cuts in the skin when you shave it. Also, a rounded edge will hurt your hands less. ) The djembe has three iron hoops (generally r made of cement rods), 6 or 8 mm in diameter (depending on the djembe's diameter). They are wrappedaroundthe drum barrel and then soldered. Two are tension hoops, a larger and a smaller one. It is on thesetwo tensionhoopsthat the knotsaretied to hold the lacing which tightens the skin.

In Guinea, the kesereni and sangba can be supplemented with the dununba, and in Mali there can be a seconddunun. It is not necessaryto limit the djembe accompaniments to two per rhythm. The ones below are the most representative, the most common. A soloist with Ii particular way of playing might prefer a single accompaniment, or he might add three or four instruments. A soloist will have as many different accompaniments as there are accompanists. To interpret and understand the repertory well, it is indispensable to master each of the rhythms and all of the djembe and different dunun motifs alone, before playing with a group.

Id ';)q~8r pan~:) osI~ S! ~~~UaSa1da1~SOWaq~ S! SlaA aq~ 'SA~M I~laAas U! pa~a1dJa~U! aq U~:) S! " ~q! U! ~ Nt/<:1t/H D(DAD( F ro~ the Bamana ethnic group, originating in the Bougouni circle, of Mali's Sikasso regIon. The didadi is organized during the end-of-the-year holidays or to celebratethe arrival of an important person. It is an easyrhythm to danceto, and everyonecan interpret it as they like. In the Sikassoregion, the dunun called didadidunun is the instrument played for the didadi. The hand plays the drum on the skin opposite the one hit by the wooden drumstick, complementing the stick's playing.

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