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Techniques for isolation of ribosemal and nuclear fractions have been described elsewhere (16,17). Isolation of free and bound polysemes in the presence of brain RNase inhibitor were carried out according to the procedures described by Blobel and Potter (18). Phenol extraction of RNA was according to Bloemendal et al. (19). Protein and RNA determinations were carried out according to the conventional procedures of Lowry et al. (20) and Mejbaum (21), respectively. RESULTS RNA Synthesis Polysemes in mammalian cells exist in the free state as well as in association with the membranes of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), and functionally are known to synthesize different types of proteins (22-24).

WALLGREN, P. NIKANDER, AND P. , 1972. Effect of chronic administration of ethanol on (Na+, ~)-activated ATPase activity in six areas of the cat brain, J. Neurochem. 19: 2881 - 2884. S. , 1973. Ethanol dependence and tolerance: a nutritionally controlled experimental model in the rat, Res. Commun. Chem. Pathol. Pharmacol. 6: 983 - 991. , 1972. Garbon electrodes for stimulation of brain tissue in vitro, J. Neurochem. 19: 535 - 537. , 1972. Demonstration of a Na+-K+-Mg2+ dependent ATPase in a preparation from hindgut and Malpighian tubules of two species of insect, Experientia 28: 901 - 902.

II of 1 The Biology of Alcohol 1 , ed. Y. Kalant, H. Quart. J. Stud. , ~:421. 1971 Chapter in Vol. Y. Mullins, L. J. 1954 Chem. , 54:289. Footnote: The work reported in this paper was partially supported by a grant to the University of Maryland from the National Institute for The Control of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse. ETHANOL-INDUCED CHANGES IN CATION-STIMULATED ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHAfASE ACTIVITY AND LIPID-PROTEOLIPID LABELING OF BRAIN MICROSOMES Henrik Wallgren, Pirkko Nikander, and Pekka Virtanen Research Laboratories of the State Alcohol Monopoly (Alko), and Department of Physiological Zoology University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland I.

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