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Moreover, the rate of this decline is considerably more rapid for tissue irradiated with red light only (t l/2 ~~ 33 s) than for tissue given red plus far red irradiation ( r ~ 140 s). 12/ This effect is a red/far red reversible function of the irradiation received by the tissue. A second red pulse prior to homogenization cancels the far red effect and restores the pattern characteristic of red-only irradiated tissue (Table 1). These observations would be consistent with either of two alternative interpretations: (a) The form of the pigment might reversibly pre-determine a state or configuration in the cell which leads to the observed pattern upon extraction; or (b) The effect might be a direct function of the 6 151 10 20 30 2+ 50 40 time of M g 60 7fJ 120 180 addition s 2+ 5.

It is suggested here, however, that existing data relating to this phenomenon are consistent with at least five principally different models. It is clear from the discussions in previous sections that irradiationinduced changes in the phytochrome molecule itself and/or its ultimate binding partner, followed by their interaction, either spontaneously in the cell or spuriously in response to the preparative procedure, are in in in vivo P ~X^=^P ~X P X^P X r binding partner r fr 1 (X) vitro* (b) (a) I !

This configuration is more labile, however, when the phytochrome is present as P than as P in the homogenate. This fr r might suggest that the critical configuration resides in the pigment molecule itself, but other explanations are by no means excluded. As with all pelletability studies to date, the present data leave unresolved the most important question related to this phenomenon viz. does the binding event responsible for that association ultimately detected in extracts occur before or after the onset of the preparative procedure?

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