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They wondered exceedingly that while they lived in the body they were, and that very many others are, in such incredulity as to believe that they will not live after death; when in fact only a few days intervene after the death of the body before they are in the other life; for death is a continuation of life. 71. But as these matters would be scattered and . disconnected if inserted among those contained in the text of the Word, it is permitted, of the Lord's Divine mercy, to append them in some order, at the beginning and end of each chapter; besides those which are introduced incidentally.

His image"; whereas love, which belongs to the will, and which in the spiritual man comes after, but in the celestial man precedes, is called the .. " 54. le created He them. What is meant by " male and female," in the internal sense, was well known to the Most Ancient Church, but when the interior sense of the Word was lost among their posterity, this arcanum also perished. Their marriages were their chief sources of happi­ 52 CHAPTER 1. [54,56 ness and delight, and whatever admitted of the comparison they likened to marriage, in order that in this way they might perceive its felicity.

55, 56 herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the heavens come and build their nests in the branches thereof (xiii. 31, 32). A .. grain of mustard-seed" is man's good before he becomes spiritual, which is .. the least of all seeds," because he thinks that he does good of himself, and what is of himself is nothing but evil. But as he is in a state of regeneration, there is something of good in him, but it is the least of all. At length, as faith is joined with love, it 4 grows larger, and becomes an ..

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