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In 1991, I visited my native land, Kenya, and called on President Daniel arap Moi to step down. This event startled the world. Kenya was at the time such a closed and intolerant society that the notion that a Kenyan, in Kenya, had dared to call upon the Kenyan president to resign was seen as something remarkable. The BBC World Service even reported this action. A decade later, every second or third Kenyan was calling upon President Daniel arap Moi to step down and did so without attracting media attention.

University Press of America, 1997). Conflict in Africa: An Overview 41 10. : Brookings Institution, 1995). 11. These societies may also be termed “ethnically bipolar”; see R. S. Milne, Politics in Ethnically Bipolar States: Guyana, Malaysia and Fiji (Vancouver and London: University of British Columbia Press, 1981). 12. For a positive assessment of the Belgian experience, see Michael O’Neill, “Re-imagining Belgium: New Federalism and the Political Management of Cultural Diversity,” Parliamentary Affairs 51, no.

While the worst conflicts in Arab Africa are religious, the worst conflicts in black Africa are ethnic. , Algeria, Libya, and Egypt are Arab). The worst conflict in Arab Africa is to be found in Algeria. The war that is being fought in this country between Islamists and the military secularists is among the ugliest and most intractable in the world: However politicized this conflict may be, religion is clearly at its root. The same holds true of conflict in Egypt? By contrast, the worst outbreaks of violence in black Africa in the 1990s occurred as a result of ethnic conflict between the Hutu and the Tutsi in Rwanda, Burundi, and the western Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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