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And I wondered. " "I applied for it," I said. " "What possessed them to accept? " "They didn't accept. I got back a curt little Net-text saying that they had no plans to do a story like that at this time. " "Let me guess. " "No," I said irritably. "Are you kidding? News One is a fortress. I couldn't pull off a thing like that. " "I could," she said smugly. I looked at her skeptically out of the corner of my eye. "Be that as it may. I took a more low-tech solution. I was interviewing the camera who broke the Shimanski scandal—typical incestuous News One bullshit; I think I've interviewed more cameras than I have anyone else.

I'm lulling, I'm lulling," was her reply, as laconic as the mood I wished to set and as the day itself. Walking slowly in the mild breeze, I approached the lake, reached it, and did not stop. Without removing my shoes or rolling up my cuffs or bracing myself against the touch of the water, I walked off into the muck. Skirls of shock and disgust mingled with the cold—your shock. Feedback to the limbic system, say the manuals; what it means is that what you feel, I feel. And vice versa: I took the feeling and intensified it, hurling it back out at you.

Here it comes, I thought. " I winced in apology. She had asked me to call her Keishi, and I had done so, in my thoughts. But I was reluctant to pronounce the name, with its diphthong, its doubtful gender, and its indeclinability. At least "Mirabara" had a feminine ending, whatever its bastard origins. "If you really can't bring yourself to just call me Keishi," she said, "I could make up a matronymic. " I laughed. "That sounds like a patronymic. " "Well, what do you do with names that end in o, then?

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