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Figure 8 illustrates the change in curvature for magnesium when the lamp current is increased. The second adverse effect is that lamp life is shortened as the operating current is increased. With these factors in mind, it is good operating practice to use the manufacturer’s recommendation as a starting point and then determine empirically the current which gives the optimum combination of signal-to-noise ratio and calibration linearity. The major consideration is not to exceed the maximum rated current.

180 absorbance on a modem instrument. Proper alignment of the flame in the light path is obviously important. The instrument should provide a sturdy mount for the sampling system and should provide for vertical, horizontal and rotational control. Quite clearly 18 the horizontal or lateral adjustment is the most critical assuming a reasonable burner height (4-10mm below light beam) has been set. The rotational position can generally be set by eye. The recommended procedure for correct burner positioning is to insert a white card into the light path prior to flame ignition in order to identify the source light path.

Function of the monochromator in atomic absorption analysis. The resonance line is isolated from unwanted nearby radiation. although having lower light output, have proved to give better long and short term stability than their microwave equivalents. C. Monochromator and optics The monochromator separates, isolates and controls the intensity of radiant energy reaching the detector. In effect it may be seen as an adjustable filter which selects a specific, narrow region of the spectrum for transmission to the detector and rejects all wavelengths outside this region.

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