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This quantity reports the standards, assumptions, and strategies focused on serious Jesus learn. Its function is to elucidate the tactics essential to distinguish culture that stems from Jesus from culture and interpretation that stem from later tradents and evangelists. This e-book has additionally been released in paperback, please click on right here for information.

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As well as the detail that Jesus was crucified as "king of the Jews" (Mark 14:61; 15:2, 9, 12, 18, 26). 58 The evidence for the historicity of both of these elements is strong, especially for the latter, which in turn lends important support to the former. These two details also receive important support, as already noted, from the facts that before his death Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God, and after his death his disciples proclaimed him to be the Messiah, the king of Israel. Logic strongly suggests that a messianic element was present in Jesus' teaching and activities, if only implicitly, and that this best accounts for this development.

But in seeking to avoid the Christianized Jesus as well as the Jewish Jesus, the method inevitably promoted the idiosyncratic Jesus, who could hardly be more than an enigma to Jew 17 The clearest exposition was by N. Perrin, Rediscovering the Teaching of Jesus (London: SCM Press; New York: Harper & Row, 1967) 39-43. and Christian alike. 18 But if the starting assumption of a fair degree of continuity between Jesus and his native religion has a priori persuasiveness, then it can hardly make less sense to assume a fair degree of continuity between Jesus and what followed.

On these incidents and their potential relevance for understanding the actions of Jesus in the Temple precincts, see B. D. Chilton, The Temple of Jesus: His Sacrificial Program within a Cultural History of Sacrifice (University Park: Penn State Press, 1992) 100-111. 41 Jesus son of Ananias cried out words apparently based on Jer 7:34, was cuffed by some of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, was treated sympathetically by others, and finally was hauled in before the Roman governor. After interrogation, which included the infamous Roman scourging, the hapless Jesus was released, the governor having decided he was nothing more than a harmless lunatic (cf.

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