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By Burton S. Blumert

Burton Blumert is an entrepreneur who understands not just all that there's to grasp approximately important metals but in addition approximately politics and economics. He deals his wide-ranging insights during this humorous, fascinating, and likewise discovered choice of essays from a long time of writing.

David Gordon unearths that this booklet is filled with perception: "Burt s writings on politics are on no account limited to compliment or condemnation of specific humans. He grasps the essence of matters that almost all others fail to spot at all."

Blumert was once one of the closest pals of Murray and Joey Rothbard, having helped him in the course of in his expert lifestyles time and again. you will discover the following attention-grabbing tales in their existence jointly. There also are motion picture stories, fiction and non-fiction reports, statement on media conversing heads, observations on a variety of mass insanities, and a contrarian tackle nearly all traditional wisdom.

This is an relaxing publication that is helping you spot the realm throughout the eyes of an observer completely steeped within the Rothbardian international view.

"As a author, as you will discover from this e-book, he's a skilled satirist who can educate the truths of liberty and lifestyles whereas making you chortle out loud. so much of all, he has proven how the Mises-Rothbard dream of drawing jointly trade and ideas will be achieved." Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

366 web page, Paperback, ISBN 978-1-933550-30-5

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Although the article seriously deals with some subjects like the vulnerability of the water supply and what to do if exposed to a “dirty-bomb,” the overall tone seems like cocktail party chatter. ), and dozens of other items totaling about $5,500. ” Among the items in their Deluxe Survival Kit are; a HOPE (High office parachute escape—$899), and a Sea Eagle 14SR sport boat—for evacuation by the Hudson or East River—($3,200). As an expert on the subject of Survival Kits (see Blumert’s credentials below), I suggest that the following items be added to the New York list.

Landlord: Mr. B, he calls me. ) Your lease is up for renewal in a few months and I have a pleasant surprise. I’m building you a sauna and a wet bar. Also, my wife will be bringing tea everyday at 3 o’clock and one of the building’s elevators will be for your use only. Blumert: Dennis, that’s all very nice, but you don’t have to do all that. I’m not about to move. And I’m happy to renew. Burton S. Blumert — 27 When I signed the new lease, Dennis hosted a party that lasted 4 days and the ambassador from Taiwan presented me with honorary citizenship to that energetic little country.

You can walk with pride to the mosque for the sundown services. ” After a bit of pushing and shoving, bruised, with my garment torn, I escaped this loving group of citizens and managed to get to Safeway. DAY FOUR Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) proved to be an excellent testing ground for learning about America’s reaction to Arabs. All went smoothly until one lady, obviously distraught at having received her monthly oil bill that morning, tugged at my fake beard and pulled it off. Angry lady (snarling): “How come they tell me on TV that the government will help us yet my fuel bill keeps going up?

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