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Education lower than the darkish Elf Naitachal, Prince Alaire is shipped on a diplomatic project to find why a once-peaceful neighboring nation, whose ruler has banned using magic, is getting ready to visit battle. Reprint.

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The Dark Elf said nothing as they drew closer to the shore, where the road came to a complete stop. A clanking bell on the flat boat caught his attention, and as the people reacted he realized that this must be a signal the craft was about to leave. A ferry! Alaire thought in surprise. He had never seen a ferry large enough to take several laden carts and wagons at once. The only ferry he had ever seen could only take a single donkey and its little cart. "They have a full load already," Naitachal observed.

He guessed about thirty petals were in there now, and they were still coming. Gods! There wouldn't be anything left! he thought in horror. He took extra care not to touch the cup after that. Better to be cold and distant than get into something there would be no getting out of! Besides the petals, the situation was hardly comfortable. Paavo had claimed they were the guests of honor, but he was eating with the kitchen help. The food was terrible, since the meat was unidentifiable, and nearly raw, the bread burned or still doughy, and the rest all seemed to consist of variations on dried peas and beans cooked in fish-oil.

House Turonen," he added, improvising. "I do hope we haven't come at an inopportune time. " Alaire stifled a laugh. It would be rude for a king to refuse to see any ambassador with proper credentials. His Master's statement bordered on the impolite, as it suggested that Archenomen might commit a blunder by refusing to see them. Perhaps I'm assuming too much here, Alaire thought. This is, after all, a foreign land, with its own rules of etiquette. For all I know we are the ones being rude, calling without prior notification.

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