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By Graeme Brooker

Explores the way within which an inside area might be manipulated during the exact placement of varieties. This name describes the rules underpinning the layout of gadgets, and their placement in the inside house. It additionally discusses the impression that this has upon the nature and notion of the distance.

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The designer has not cluttered the room with dividing walls; instead, furniture is used to control and arrange the specific areas of the interior. The kitchen counter, which protrudes into the space, is positioned under a top light. It is placed at the centre of the space and acts as a fulcrum around which everything rotates. The overcrowded bookshelves line the space, which encourages the eye to traverse the length of the room and the dining table is placed in a quiet, sunny area at the end of the room.

The Collection museum Name: The Collection museum Location: Lincoln, England Date: 2005 Objects in the new interior Designer: Panter Hudspith Architects The designer has the opportunity to respond to the particular context of a building. Panter Hudspith Architects envisioned this museum as a collection of huge blocks or elements that almost appear to tumble down the hill in this historic urban environment. Lincoln is a town of two distinct parts: the spectacular historic cathedral occupies the top of a steep hill, above old and winding streets that lead down to the mundane modern town centre.

This may be a deliberate tactic; for example, children’s furniture is appropriately child-sized, while a throne is always over-scaled. Scale allows comparisons to be made; the placement of a much bigger object in a field of smaller ones invites contrast and juxtaposition. Facing page: The Collection, Lincoln, England (see pp 046+047). 040+041 Methods of organisation Objects in the new interior Unlike many other creative businesses, such as graphic, industrial or fashion design, the interior designer always has to respond to a given environment: the building within which the interior is situated.

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