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By Min-Tze Liong

This ebook specializes in using microorganisms with regards to agriculture, aquaculture and similar fields, starting from biofertilizers to bird creation. the most recent thoughts also are integrated to supply insights into the limitless potentials of microorganisms in those areas.

Individual chapters discover issues reminiscent of probiotics in chicken, biopurification of wastewater, changing agrowastes into value-added functions and items, rice cultivation, surfactants and bacteriocin as biopreservatives, bioplastics, crop productiveness, biofloc, and the construction of normal antibiotics. This quantity might be of specific curiosity to scientists, policymakers and commercial practitioners operating within the fields of agriculture, aquaculture and public health.

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These effluents have strong concentrations of chemical oxygen demand (COD), phenol and its derivatives, and often contain metals, inorganic nutrients, organic compounds, proteins, cyanides, chlorinated lignin, and dyes (Tripathi et al. 2007). Industrial processes produce large amount of toxic and stable pollutants, which are all collected into the water coming out from the plant (Spina et al. 2012). The disposal of these contaminated effluents into receiving waters can cause environmental damages and further influence the aquatic ecosystem and human health (Prigione et al.

Other investigations of wastewater treatments using UASFF include sugar wastewater (Guiot and van den Berg 1985); dairy wastewater (Cordoba et al. 1995); slaughterhouse wastewater (Borja et al. 1995, 1998; Lo et al. 1994); wash waters from purification of virgin olive oil (Borja et al. 1996b); coffee wastewater (BelloMendoza and Castillo-Rivera 1998); brewery wastewater (Yu and Gu 1996); and POME (Najafpour et al. 2006). UASFF is also able to achieve COD removal efficiency of at least 70 % and above.

2000; Pointing and Vrijmoed 2000; Wesenberg et al. 2003). However, one or more of these mechanisms could be involved in color removal depending on the fungus used. 4 Heavy Metal Containing Wastewaters Metallurgical industries, mining surface cleaning, and waste incinerators produce large wastewater polluted by metals. Dissolved metals escaping into the environment pose a serious health hazard as they accumulate in living tissues throughout the food chain, which has human at its top(Lacina et al.

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