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By Paulette Nardal

Key textual content by no means earlier than in English by means of vital determine of the Negritude movement.

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Il nous faut présenter cette fois à la France et au monde le vrai visage de la Martinique. Ce visage qui ne doit son unité qu’à la multiplicité de ses traits constitutifs. Nul parti ne peut revendiquer le monopole de la justice sociale. Ainsi que je le déclarais dans mon éditorial de Noël, cette justice sera le fait de tous ou elle ne sera pas. La constitution de cabinet Bidault est venue confirmer l’impossibilité où se trouve un parti isolé de réaliser cette justice, force qui nous dépasse. Car nous entrons dans l’ère de la justice sociale maintenant que celle de la science semble avoir reçu sont atomique couronnement.

Besides, even if we concede that material poverty is disappearing from the face of the earth, charity would still have work to do on moral poverty. Social action, and its admirable accomplishments, is the modern form of charity and one of the faces of social justice. They constitute a categorical imperative for all. No woman worthy of the name woman should remain indifferent to it. Our era did not invent social justice, but material and technological progress imposes constantly new obligations upon it.

Nardal maintains that in the face of such debilitating poverty, charity, social justice in the form of social work, and action are categorical imperatives. Nardal’s religious-based prescriptions, namely Catholicism, are interestingly consonant with Immanuel Kant’s moral philosophy, specifically found in the philosopher’s Critique of Practical Reason and Metaphysics of Morals. The “categorical imperative” that both speak of are explicitly tied to the concept of duty. As principles, categorical imperatives are unconditional obligations that are good and must be followed if we are to be considered at once moral and rational beings.

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