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2002), Large-scale screening of nasal swabs for Bacillus anthracis: Descriptive summary and discussion of the National Institute of Health’s experience, J. Clin. , 40, p. 3012. , (1988 ), Evaluation and optimization of experimental conditions for surface-enhanced Raman detection of analytes in flow injection analysis, Microchem. , 38, p. 25. , (2004), Post office installs anthrax detector, The Enquirer (Cincinnati), Sept. 24, 2004. , (2004), Formation and Composition of the Bacillus anthracis Endospore, J.

A) SAGS bind to the outer region of the TCR Vβ and to the outer region of the MHC Class II determinant. (B) Conventional antigens are processed into peptides that are then presented to the antigenbinding region of the TCR. , 1989). There are five different elements (Vα, Jα, Vβ, Dβ, and Jβ) that comprise the two-chain TCR receptor with each composed of a constant and variable region. The TCR uses all five elements for recognition of processed peptides on the surface of APCs (from conventional antigens).

The primary DPA peaks at 657 cm-1, 810 cm-1, 1006 cm-1, 1382 cm-1, and 1428 cm-1 are easily observed, even in the case of a 2-sec scan. Detection of Bacillus Spores by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy 33 Furthermore, an attempted measurement of 50 mM DDA (without sample) did not produce a spectrum that might interfere with the measurement (Fig. 11C). 7 signal intensity of the 1006 cm-1 peak to that measured for DPA in water (see Table 2). In fact this intensity is closest to that obtained for the 1 mg/L samples.

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