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By Peter Carey

For thirty-nine years Harry pleasure has been the integral reliable man. yet one morning Harry has a center assault on his suburban entrance garden, and, for the gap of 9 mins, he turns into a useless man. And even supposing he's resuscitated, he'll by no means be an identical. For, as Peter Carey makes abundantly transparent during this darkly humorous novel, loss of life is usually an important prelude to actual life.
half The Wizard of Oz, half Dante's Inferno, and half Australian Book of the Dead, Bliss is a triumph of uninhibited storytelling from a author of extravagan presents.

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Still, his grave expression was anything but comforting.

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Even in their late twenties, the “grass is greener” issue never seemed out of bounds. Regardless of the occasion, the subject would eventually leach into their tête-à-tête—normal operating procedure for such competitive sisters. What had been a cancerous jealousy as teenagers had been reduced to a playful sibling rivalry thanks to Hatch’s objective point of view: You’re both being assholes. Get over it! Karen’s flippant remark about talent—or lack thereof—had caused a great rift in their relationship back in high school.

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