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Soaring needle faced with white marble, swooping sides like the line from a dancer’s knee to her shoulders when she’s stretched on her toes, a merloned walk about the top. Settsimaksimin’s Citadel, built in a day and a night and, a day, an orgy of force that left Maksim limp and exhausted, his credit drawn down with thousands of earth elementals and demon stoneworkers, fifty acres of stone, steel and glass. Simplicity in immensity. Late afternoon On a hot hazy day. Grown impatient with the tedium of administration and the heat within the walls, Settsimaksimin told Todichi Yahzi to bring his notebooks and swept them both to the high ram parts.

ON THE MERCHANTER JIVA MAHRISH (captain and owner Hudah Iffat, quartermaster and steward, his wife Hamla), THREE HOURS OUT OF JADE HALIMM, COAST HOPPING SOUTH AND WEST TO KUKURAL, HER LAST PORT BEFORE SHE TURNED NORTH AGAIN. SCENE: Brann below, settling into her cabin. Ah zurdan on deck driving off stray ariels, set ting wards against another attack on her. Yaril and Jaril watching him, wondering what he’s up to. Ignoring the noisy confusion at his back where the deck passengers were still getting settled into the eighteen square feet apiece they bought with their fares, Ahzur—dan stood at the stern watching the flags on the Rogan—zhu Fort flutter and sink toward the horizon, frowning at the ariels thick in the wind that agitated those flags and filled the sails.

Hmm. ” “Wouldn’t mean anything to you. ” The covers stirred, two sleepy children sat up blinking. “Forget it, kids, the lad knows all about you. ‘ She turned back to the young thief. ” He scratched at his jaw. “I’m still here, not running for the nearest hole. Those Dreeps know all the holes I do, and they’ll be going down them hunting blood. ” He thought a moment, apparently decided there was no point being coy about his target. ” “I see. They’ll be searching this place before long. We could shove you under the bed or hide you in it ...

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