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By Sara Reinke

The normal and probably unrelated lives of Trejaeran Muirel and Qynh Reoder are eternally and irrevocably replaced once they research they're brother and sister, dual heirs to the throne of Tiralainn, and the youngsters of a murdered King of guys and Queen of the Elves. through Elfin prophecy, one in all them will in the future defeat Ciardha, the evil and immortal Queen who now reigns over the world, and repair the alliance of fellows and Elves. The twins were raised aside and in mystery for 16 years to maintain them secure from Ciardha and her darkish military of Damantas. while their havens are came across, their households attacked, Qynh and Trejaeran are rescued from yes loss of life and taken one of the insurgent forces of the Comhar, an alliance of fellows and Elves who suggest to determine the twins satisfy their promised future. whereas Qynh has witnessed the butchering of her family members on the sword issues of Ciardha's infantrymen and is greater than keen to greet this fortune, her brother Trejaeran isn't really so keen. His father nonetheless lives, kidnapped through the Damantas, and he may hazard his personal life--even his very soul--to see his father freed. Trejaeran follows his center, embarking with a gaggle of Comhar warriors to rescue his father, whereas Qynh follows the trail future would appear to dictate for her, driving forth with the Comhar military to salary struggle opposed to Ciardha. alongside every one of those perilous and battle-fraught trips, as new pals are made, unforeseen enemies are found, and loves are fostered and damaged, the twins needs to finally make a decision even if their fates are predestined, or made up our minds by way of their very own hearts.

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Here is Tressach an'Clare, commander of the Comhar army. " Tressach smiled broadly at Qynh before stooping in a low, courteous bow. “The blessings of the Good Mother to you, my lady,” he said, taking her gently by the hand and bussing her knuckles. "Thank you, sir,” Qynh said. ” Tressach asked. " "I ... thank you, my lord,” Qynh said, surprised and flustered by his offer, his charming attention. “I ... " "That is generous, Tressach,” Dagarron said, stepping forward. He lay his hand against Qynh's shoulder and met the younger man's gaze.

Trejaeran opened his mouth to speak, and blood gurgled feebly from his throat. His eyelids fluttered and he fainted, his head drooping against Eisos’ chest. Chapter Three Qynh had ridden the night through with the young Elf who had rescued her from the Damantas. He had spurred his horse to a furious pace, and had not slowed until the sun began to rise on the new morrow. With daylight upon them at last, the Elf drew his exhausted stallion to a halt. He dismounted, swinging his leg around the animal's flank, his boots landing almost soundlessly against the ground.

He laughed good-naturedly. " Again, the woman, Keena said nothing, but she cut her eyes toward Eoghan and nodded her chin in sharp directive: move along. Eoghan chuckled at her ire. “My lady beckons,” he said to Lamiel. He spared a glance at Iasal as Keena led him away. “Another time, then, Buion,” he said. "I look forward to it,” Iasal assured him. Lamiel laughed when the pair was out of earshot. " "The man has the social graces of an ox,” Iasal replied, raising his brow. " He caught sight of a woman approaching them and something softened in his face, his severity waning to a smile.

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