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By Ismāʻīl ibn ʻUmar Ibn Kathīr; Faisal Shafiq; Abdul Ahad

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An army will be sent to (attack) him from Sham (Syria and surrounding areas) and they will be swallowed up in Al-Baidaa — a place between Makkah and Al-Madeenah. e. the honor accorded to Al-Mandee), the Abdaal from Sham will come to him and the best people from Iraq will come and pledge allegiance to him. Then a man from the Quraish will appear; his uncles are from the children of Kalb. e. those who pledged allegiance) will be victorious over them... Wealth will be distributed and people will apply the Sunnah of their Prophet Islam will achieve stability and firmness in the earth.

It Is Forbidden To Hope For Death Abu Hurairah 4 related that the Messenger of Allah * said, "Let none among you wish for death or supplicate for it to occur before it actually arrives; when one dies, his deeds come to an end. " (Ahmad) That it is allowed to ask for death when the trials come to pass is proven by a long Hadeeth related by Mu'aadh 4: "0 Allah, I ask You (to guide me to) the doing of good deeds; (I ask You to) forgive me and have Book of The End : Great Trials and Tribulations 41 mercy on me.

And Allah le knows best. As for the Hadeeth of 'Abdullah ibn 'Amr 4, "Verily, Allah 75,e does not seize knowledge by force, taking it forcefully from the people; rather, He 3le takes away knowledge by the death of the scholars," its manifest meaning is that knowledge is not taken from the breasts of men after Allah ie has endowed them with it. 4 said, "Shall I not relate to you a Hadeeth I heard from the Messenger of Allah a which none will relate to you after me? I heard him say that, 'from the signs of the Hour is the raising (or taking) of knowledge; ignorance will spread, fornication will become rampant, alcohol will be imbibed, men will perish, and women will remain, until there remains one male guardian for every 50 women.

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