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By Roger Jackson, John Makransky

Students of Buddhism, themselves Buddhist, right here search to use the serious instruments of the academy to think again the reality and transformative worth in their culture in its relevance to the modern international.

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Yet to develop fully within the B uddhist tradition the way that German political theology or Latin American liberation theology has within the Christian tradition. Mention must also be made of a burgeoning more general popular literature in the West that is also theological in character. Notable in this regard is the work of S angharakshita ( 1 979, 1984), S tephen B atchelor ( 1 9 8 3 , 1 990, 1997), Subhuti, Martin Willson, and B. Alan Wallace (1989, 1993). Each of these authors in his own way grapples with the issue of the relevance of B uddhist doctrine to contemporary life and thought.

21 B ut this of course substantially begs the question, for what precisely are these accepted norms? In addition, what warrants their acting as standards on which to base a form of religious discourse like B uddhist theology, and what is to guarantee that such norms, foreign as they are to both the theory and practice of Buddhist tradition, should serve the purpose of the B uddhist theologian? The first of thes e latter three questions is enormous in its scope. It calls for nothing less than a full characterization of Western scholarship in the humanities, which, it should go without s aying, is beyond the scope of this or any other essay.

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