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By Paul Magdalino (ed)

One thousand years in the past, the Byzantine Empire was once achieving the peak of its revival as a mediaeval nation. the 10 contributions to this quantity by way of students from six eu international locations re-evaluate key facets of the empire's politics and tradition within the lengthy reign of the emperor Basil II.

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Theophanu, I, 211, 71 72     21 This raises the question as to the activities of, and policies adopted by, Theophano once she was established as coimperatrix of Otto II and, upon his death, as imperatrix augusta. Otto’s early demise and the lengthy minority of their only son provided unforeseen, exceptional opportunities for her. 78 Theophano’s other talents and sheer force of personality have received their due in modern literature and only two facets of her activities in the west will be considered here.

Le culte de la Vierge dans la société médiévale (Paris, 1996), 111–12. 64 The sense of a sacred bond between the mother of the emperor’s son and Mary is still more pronounced on an ivory plaque that was most probably carved in an Ottonian milieu, probably Milan, in the early 980s. At the feet of Christ Pantokrator kneel two crowned adults, in effect performing proskynesis. The woman, Theophano, presents to Christ a small boy, also crowned, who seemingly issues forth from her body. 65 A sacred cycle seems implied: the empress has given birth to an only son, as Mary, too, once did.

Shepard, “Emperors and expansionism: from Rome to Middle Byzantium”, in D. Abulafia and N. ), Medieval Frontiers: Concepts and Practices (Aldershot, 2002) 55–82, at 72–3. 31 Liudprand, Legatio, 43, ed. Chiesa, p. 206; M. Brett, The Rise of the Fatimids. The World of the Mediterranean and the Middle East in the Tenth Century CE (Leiden, 2000), 242. 32 Anthony the Studite, LÒgow énagnvsye‹w §n Blax°rnaiw, ed. L. Sternbach, Analecta Avarica, Rozprawy Akademii Umiê jetno≤ci. Wydzial Filologiczny, 2nd series, vol.

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