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Temporal coupling of osteoblasts and osteoclast activity in this way is known as modelling. More common in adults is the situation where osteoclasis at a single site precedes osteoblastic bone deposition, leading ultimately to a change in the matrix but not the shape of bone. This spatial coupling of osteoblastic and osteoclastic activity is known as remodelling. The factors which link osteoblastic and osteoclastic activity in this way are unknown. , 1983). As has been intimated, the complex interactions of osteoclasts and osteoblasts, both for the maintenance of skeletal integrity and for calcium homeostasis, are not just controlled at a local level.

L has dimensions cm- 1 . , 1969). This is sufficient information because the absorption of an element is very nearly independent of its form of chemical combination. 2 keY), the principal mechanism of absorption is the photoelectric effect in which an X-ray photon is completely absorbed by an atom, and its energy used to eject an electron (the photoelectron) from an inner orbital. A less energetic electron from an outer orbital replaces this with the emission of a fluorescent X-ray quantum. The absorption is highly wavelength and Microradiography and Microtomography 43 atomic-number dependent.

Histology of Mineralised Tissues 37 Sometimes, extracellular deposits of calcium salts can undergo ossification by a process of modelling and remodelling to form heterotopic bone. On occasion, other metals are recruited into the mineral, deposited in this way. One example is the golden-brown, dumbell-shaped 'asbestos bodies' seen in the lungs of patients with asbestosis, in which mixed salts of calcium and iron precipitate on asbestos fibres. The pathogenetic mechanisms underlying calcification are slowly coming to light.

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