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By Gene DeWeese

Whereas mapping a chain of gravitational anomalies, the U.S.S. firm™ is unexpectedly hurled hundreds of thousands of light-years via area, right into a far away galxy of scorched and dead worlds...into the center of an unending interstellar warfare. with out long ago domestic, the crippled starship unearths itself less than relentless and suicidal assault via either warring fleets! And Captain Kirk needs to gamble the lives of his staff on his skill to prevent a struggle that has raged for hundreds of years -- and ravaged a galaxy...

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Could it be a beacon of some sort, Mr. Spock? One that has gone dead for one reason or another? " Kirk nodded thoughtfully. " "Negative, Captain. " "Not suggesting as much as hoping, Spock. I was thinking in terms of lighthouses and rocky coasts, actually. " "Very well. Mr. Sulu, impulse power. " As the Enterprise moved forward, the object grew on the screen. Soon, blemishes began to appear on its surface, discolorations that might have come from age or radiation or both. Here and there, openings appeared, some jagged, some smooth, as if designed into the object.

Very well. Mr. U. and hold there. " Again the view on the forward screen shifted, but now it was as if the Enterprise were turning within a heavy curtain of stars. In every direction, the brightness and density were the same. "Mr. " "Launch the probe, Mr. " "It is being transported... " "And while we're waiting for the results, Mr. " Spock turned again to the data displays. "The computer has been performing a more detailed analysis of the radiation profile of the object that appeared similar to the Shapley Center," he said, pausing to study a set of readouts more closely.

All current members were, at the very least, competent, some even brilliant, and the thought of Crandall bluffing or conning his way into their company was growing more disturbing each time Kirk had contact with the man. " Crandall's harsh voice' cut into Kirk's thoughts. "I don't need the trajectory and serial number of every probe! All I wanted was a brief summary. " The Vulcan's eyebrows arched again, not quite as minutely as before, and his eyes flickered toward Kirk for an instant. It was, Kirk realized, as close to exasperation as he had seen Spock express in some time.

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