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By Vladimir M. Zolotarev, Vladimir V. Uchaikin

An creation to the speculation of strong distributions and their functions. It includes a smooth outlook at the mathematical elements of the idea. The authors clarify quite a few peculiarities of solid distributions and describe the primary thought of chance idea and serve as research. an important a part of the ebook is dedicated to functions of solid distributions. one other amazing function is the fabric at the interconnection of solid legislation with fractals, chaos and anomalous shipping approaches.

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In modern probability theory, such a phenomenon comes into evidence in the form of the so-called martingale dependence. 6. Mean and variance In the general case, the probability distribution of a random variable X, or its distribution function, is a rather complex characteristic. This propelled us into hunting for more simple and convenient but yet informative characteristics of random variables. Searching along these lines revealed such characteristics as the mean and the mean root square deviation of a random variable X, which also are referred to as the mathematical expectation and the standard deviation, whereas the square of the latter is called the variance.

In this case, obviously, qi = P{Xi = 0} possesses the same property. To formulate the criterion of validity of the law of large numbers, one makes use of the conditional probabilities pij = P{Xi = 1 | Xj = 1} = qij = P{Xi = 1 | Xj = 0} = P{Xi = 1, Xj = 1} , P{Xj = 1} P{Xi = 1, Xj = 0} , P{Xj = 0} The Bernstein criterion is expressed as follows. For an arbitrary small ε > 0, P 1 n n i=1 Xi − 1 n n pi > ε →0 n→∞ qij → 0 n → ∞. 2 (Khinchin). If the mathematical expectation EXi exists and is equal to a, then the normalized sums Zn = ni=1 Xi /n converge in probability to µ as n → ∞: P Zn → µ , n → ∞.

What does the Bernoulli theorem say about the behavior of these functions corresponding to different ω as n grows? It turns out that the information available is very limited. , in the multilayered graph of X¯ t (λ ) one considers only one section and concludes that the set of those λ which are beyond the strip |Xn (λ ) − p| < ε is of vanishing measure as n grows. The Bernoulli theorem itself cannot help us to clear up the behavior of the functions emerging as length-wise sections of X¯ t (λ ).

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