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Magic-wielding Churchwitch and mystery addict Chess Putnam understands greater than a person simply how excessive a cost everyone is prepared to pay for a chemical rush. but if an individual with funds to burn and a penchant for black magic starts off tampering with Downside's drug provide, Chess realizes that the unfortunate buyers are paying with their souls--and taking the blameless with them, because the magic-infused velocity compels them to kill within the such a lot grotesque methods possible.

As if the streets weren't frightening sufficient, the looming warfare among the 2 males in her lifestyles explodes, taking much more casualties and placing Chess squarely within the heart. draw back may perhaps turn into a literal ghost city if Chess doesn't have the ability to forestall either the conflict and the darkish wave of death-magic, and the one technique to do this is to exploit either her habit and her strength to go into the spell and chase the magic the entire as far back as its malevolent resource. Too undesirable that doing so will most likely kill Chess--if the conflict doesn't first damage the fellow who's develop into her explanation for dwelling.

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