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Explains what adolescence weight problems is, discusses the way it is triggered, and describes the indications and remedy of the condition...Title: .Childhood Obesity..Author: .Jimerson, Maxine Newman..Publisher: .Greenhaven Pr..Publication Date: .2008/12/05..Number of Pages: .112..Binding variety: .LIBRARY..Library of Congress: .2008032328

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15 Some researchers have done studies that indicate that the increase in portion sizes has contributed to the childhood obesity epidemic.  . ”16 What Causes Childhood Obesity? 41 Super Size Me Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock heard about two teens who sued McDonald’s, claiming the fast-food chain made them obese. He decided to find out for himself what effect eating nothing but food from McDonald’s would have on his body and recorded his experience in his documentary film Super Size Me. For thirty days, Spurlock ate at McDonald’s three times a day, tried everything on the chain’s menu at least once, and always accepted the super-sized food portion option if it was offered.

Even if young people are informed of these dangers, they may lack the good judgment needed to believe and avoid them, so they require guidance and support from health-care professionals and family members. Following a weight-loss program can interfere with a child’s growth and development, so it is rarely the primary treatment for childhood obesity. Instead, the aim is to slow or stop weight gain so a child can grow into his or her appropriate weight. However, a gradual weight-loss program may be recommended for extremely obese children with a BMI for age and sex greater than the 95th percentile.

This condition is called nephropathy. The earlier diabetes develops, Increased Health Risks of Childhood Obesity 33 Diagnosing Diabetes A doctor diagnoses diabetes by ordering urine and blood tests. A urine test reveals whether or not the patient is excreting excess glucose or ketones (acids that build up in the blood when the body burns fat for energy because it cannot use carbohydrates due to insulin deficiency). Blood tests measure exactly how elevated glucose or ketone levels are. One type of blood test is a fasting plasma glucose test.

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