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We're going to have to find some unity that stretches across ideology lines, cultural lines, accent lines and national lines. We're hung up with so many off-beat religions-none of which we createdwe're cutting each other to pieces, deserting each other, destroying each other based on ideologies of no consequence to us as a people. I remember as a little boy on a farm, I was churning until the butter comes to the top. " "All of them my son," she said. " We have to realize it is not the effort of anyone of us that will lead to freedom, but the collective work of all of us who are sincere.

The pre-Columbian presence of Orientals in the New Word has been alluded to and partly documented in a number of books, such as Ancient Egyptians and Chinese in America by R. A. , 1974,) and Columbus was Chinese: Discoveries and Inventions of the Far East by Hans Breuer, (Herder and Herder New York, 1972). This early meeting of the Africans, the Orientals and the Indians was a complementary infusion of culture that today could be a lesson for the whole world because, in all that we have learned in documents, there wasn't even a hint of a war between these cultures and people.

Let's put it in the realm of theater. It was a world drama. A tragedy. And it started inside of the European mind. D. Let's look at where Europe was. Europe had just finished the period of the Crusades, one of the great phony charades of human history. It had nothing to do with religion; it was a political move to divert the attention of Europe from the fact that the Church had played so many games on the people that the people were about to explode and destroy it. So they found an issue to divert the peopie's attention from that fact.

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