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By Ben Rawlence

To the charity staff, Dabaab refugee camp is a humanitarian difficulty; to the Kenyan govt, it's a 'nursery for terrorists'; to the western media, it's a harmful no-go zone; yet to its part 1000000 citizens, it's their final resort.
Situated hundreds of thousands of miles from the other payment, deep in the inhospitable wasteland of northern Kenya the place simply thorn timber develop, Dadaab is a urban like no different. Its structures are made of dust, sticks or plastic, its complete financial system is gray, and its electorate live to tell the tale on rations and good fortune. Over the process 4 years, Ben Rawlence grew to become a first-hand witness to an odd and determined limbo-land, studying a lot of those that have come there looking sanctuary. between them are Guled, a former baby soldier who lives for soccer; Nisho, who scrapes an life by way of pushing a wheelbarrow and dreaming of riches; Tawane, the indomitable formative years chief; and schoolgirl Kheyro, whose destiny hangs upon her education.

In urban of Thorns, Rawlence interweaves the tales of 9 contributors to teach what lifestyles is like within the camp and to caricature the broader political forces that hold the refugees trapped there. Rawlence combines intimate storytelling with large socio-political investigative journalism, doing for Dadaab what Katherinee Boo's in the back of the gorgeous Forevers did for the Mumbai slums. Lucid, brilliant and illuminating, urban of Thorns is an pressing human tale with deep overseas repercussions, dropped at existence during the those that name Dadaab domestic.

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