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By Dave Barry

Barry bargains hilarious tips about attending to the head and staying there. From Primitive human companies to tax implications of going into company for your self, comic Dave Barry mocks all points of the company jungle during this vintage quantity.

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The ironic thing is that best-selling legal thrillers generally are written by lawyers, who are not famous for written communication. I cite as Exhibit A my own attorney, Joseph DiGiacinto, who is constantly providing me with shrewd advice that I cannot understand because Joe has taken the legal precaution of translating it into Martian. S. Constitution, worded so legally that I can’t look directly at it without squinting. ” And that’s just Joe’s cover page. Nobody has ever dared to read one of his actual faxes, for fear of being immediately thrown into prison.

Get ready. It’s coming. Midnight, June 30, 1997. This will be a very big day for Hong Kong. The biggest ever. Hotel space is already selling out. A lot of people want to be there, to remember what Hong Kong was, to get a glimpse of what it will be. Then the sightseers will check out and go home, leaving Hong Kong to face ... whatever comes next. Nobody knows for sure what it will be. But it’s coming. Tick tick tick tick tick ... Some background. Although Hong Kong is geographically part of China, right now it’s a colony of Great Britain.

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