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By Joseph Heller

A darkly comedian and impressive sequel to the yank vintage Catch-22.
In Closing Time, Joseph Heller returns to the characters of Catch-22, now coming to the top in their lives and the century, as is the whole new release that fought in global warfare II: Yossarian and Milo Minderbinder, the chaplain, and such novices as little Sammy Singer and great Lew, all associated, in an uneasy peace and previous age, scuffling with now not the Germans this time, however the finish. Closing Time deftly satirizes the realities and the myths of the United States within the part century considering WWII: the absurdity of our politics, the decline of our society and our nice towns, the greed and hypocrisy of our enterprise and tradition -- with an analogous ferocious humor as Catch-22.
Closing Time is outrageously humorous and absolutely critical, and as remarkable and profitable as Catch-22 itself, a fun-house replicate that captures, right away grotesquely and adequately, the reality approximately ourselves.

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