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X X , XXI) or even a h u m a n head (ibid. pl. XXI). A weight in the shape of a head was found among a set of weights discovered along with the bronze pans from a pair of scales, and gave rise to the speculation that this was perhaps a replica of the head of the metal worker himself, and that he was therby making it absolutely clear whose weights they were! T h e actual value of the various weights suggests that both the Mesopotamian and Egyptian weighing systems were in use in Ugarit. Two particularly fine examples of metal-work deserve mention.

58 Miscellaneous tablet finds. For the sake of completeness, a few more clusters of tablets should be mentioned. First, there is the small group of texts found in the centre of Ugarit (Centre Ville) mainly consisting of schooltexts 59 and, second, we have a substantial group of mainly Ugaritic texts from the northern palace at Ras Ibn Hani. 6 0 T h e latter can be dated to the period shortly before Ugarit's destruction. 3 Text genres After this survey of the different archives it seems appropriate to summarize the contents of the tablets and to look at their distribution in place (see VAN S O L D T 1991a, 133-40, 2 2 6 - 7 ) and time.

In the latter area, where it seems likely that some of the city's artisans and craftsmen lived, there is evidence that houses were built around a public square, close to which was a large building which contained a library of texts. Preliminary excavation reports have been published in the journal Syria. 6 A R T AND C U L T U R E This survey has already mentioned craftsmen and metal-workers, scribes and texts, stonework and carved ivory, elaborate drinking vessels, statuettes and other representations of deities.

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