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Paris within the Nineteen Twenties – dizzy and decadent. the place a tender guy could make a fortune along with his wits ... except he's led into temptation. Cocaine's dandified hero Tito Arnaudi invents lurid scandals and grotesque deaths, and sells those tales to the newspapers. yet his personal lifestyles turns into much more outrageous than his press studies while he acquires 3 challenging mistresses. dependent, witty and depraved, Pitigrilli's vintage novel was once first released in Italian in 1921 and charts the comedy and tragedy of a tender man's downfall and the trap of a bygone period. The novel's descriptions of intercourse and drug use triggered church professionals to put it on a listing of forbidden books, whereas attractive to filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder who wrote a script in keeping with the story. Cocaine keeps its venom even this present day.

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Jean Galtier-Boissière, the antimilitarist journalist who wrote for the weekly before breaking with it in the 1930s, recounts the following anecdote. After the death of Bénard, “in the mortuary chamber, near the bed where Pierre Bénard was resting, an old gentleman was sobbing. ”33 Loyalty could go a long way. 34 How did the satirical weekly earn this kind of devotion? For most observers, the Canard won its first, and most enduring, claims to glory during the First World War. ”35 What was this miracle?

Of these, thirteen were labeled pacifist, eleven pessimistic or demoralizing. Ten more cuts involved unfavorable comparisons between the front and the rear. The censor probably modestly reduced the proportion of pessimism in the Canard’s mix. But most of the topics, like the length of the war and the front/rear comparisons, received ample treatment anyway (as did the medical exams). Political figures got considerable protection (as they did in all of the press), but the journalists mentioned by the censors were regularly pilloried in the weekly.

18 In a total of 262 items,19 the single largest concern of the censors was polemics against personalities or groups; these attacks accounted for seventy cases: twenty-seven foreign (neutral or Allied) figures or countries, forty-three French figures. The censors also objected to attacks on themselves (nine cases) and mockery of the repeated medical exams that accompanied the army’s attempts to find increasing numbers of able-bodied men (seven). Fifty-eight items that could be seen as contrary to the war effort or morale were cut.

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