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By Dr. Maureen Pelletier, Deborah S. Romaine

This advisor, for ladies of their overdue thirties to overdue fifties, is intended to demystify the menopause situation, indicators, treatments, unintended effects, and emotional influence. the knowledge approximately rememdies comprises either conventional and replacement remedies. the writer stresses some great benefits of strong foodstuff and health.

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As the mother image in mythology, the moon both nurtures and protects. Wise Up Yin and its counterpart yang represent the duality, or two coexisting elements, of life energy. Yin is the feminine energy— passive, receptive, cool, shady or dark, and wet. Yang is the masculine energy—active, giving, warm, light, and dry. The moon was believed to have other less positive influences as well. While ancient Greek physicians believed that moonlight could cure warts, they also cautioned against trimming corns or cutting hair while the moon was full.

Most women find that menopause brings a sense of freedom into their lives unlike anything they’ve experienced as adults. No longer is unintended pregnancy a concern. For many women, menopause coincides with children leaving home as young adults to start their own lives. Most women are well established in their careers or are nearing retirement and considering other options. The Medicalization of Menopause In the middle of the twentieth century, the art of medicine finally came into its own as a science.

Several studin which the nerve cells in the ies question the effectiveness of another common brain degenerate, resulting in loss antioxidant, beta carotene (which your body conof cognitive (thinking) ability verts to vitamin A). More research also is needed to and memory. determine whether substances such as vitamin C, selenium (a mineral common in seafood), and coenzyme Q10 (an antioxidant naturally produced by the human body) are as effective in supplement form as they appear to be when ingested by eating the fruits and vegetables that contain them.

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