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By Yael Bentor

The current paintings is an research of the Indo-Tibetan ritual for consecrating pictures, "stupas," books and temples. it truly is in keeping with an intensive exam of the proper Tibetan textual fabric contained in Tantras, commentaries, ritual manuals and explanatory works on consecration. As rituals are supposed to be played, this textual learn is mixed with observations of performances and interviews with performers. The booklet opens with a basic dialogue of sure ideas of tantric rituals and the principles of Indo-Tibetan consecration. the most half makes a speciality of a selected functionality of the ritual in a Tibetan monastery positioned within the Kathmandu Valley. This quantity contributes to the usually ignored box of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist rituals. it really is curious about the sacred nature of gadgets for worship in addition to with the most Buddhist tantric transformation right into a selected tantric Buddha.

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However, ordinary people [beginners] whose minds are inferior do not know it. 32 \nd The entire animated and unanimated three worlds are included amongst dharmas, which [in turn] are comprised of both the grasped and the grasper. All these have from the very beginning reached the nature of clear light. This is known as naturally arrived-at establishing/consecration (rab-gnas). 33 fhe paradox of inviting the ye-shes sems-dpa', which is omnipresent IVithout ever being established, is dealt with in a number of conseoration works.

372, p. 3-5. 37 Ji-ltar rab-tu mi gnas lhalrab-tu gnas-par bya-bar nus! ·slob-rna dang-bas gsol 'debspas/ bsod-nams-phyir ni bya-ba-ste/ Toh. 373, pp. 1. n I). 16 INTRODUCTION accumulation of merit of the patron (Sa171varodaya) and development of religious realization by the beginners (Consecration Tantra). " [The answer is:J since ultimately there are no mental elaborations of estab- lishing agent (gnas-byed) and that which is to be established (rab-tu gnas-bya), the establishing/consecration is unnecessary.

Mdor na rang-bzhin ye-shes-kyi byin phab-pas rang-bzhin mchog-tu gyur-pa dang/ gdul-bya'i bsodnams-kyi nyer-'tShor yun-du gnas-pa'i rab-gnas dang/ de lta-bu'i dge-zhing shis-pa'i dngospar bsgrub-par byed-pa Ia cho-ga-zhes bya-stel p. 2-5. a bya Ia! a bya'o/ Toh. 1822, p. 6-7. 29 Nges-tshig nil chos-can gzhan las rten-rnams rab dang mchog-tu bsgrub-pas na rab dang! de yun-du gnas-par byed-pa'i cho-ga yin-pa'i na rab-gnas-zhes brjod-dol p. 2-3. INTRODUCTION 13 is 'accomplished' as the very essence of the ye-shes sems-dpa', it is 'well'; and because it is made to remain as long as saTflSdra lasts, it is 'a long time'.

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