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By Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz

During this memoir, it truly is proven that the parameter area for the versal deformation of an remoted singularity $(V,O)$ ---whose life used to be confirmed via Grauert in 1972---is isomorphic to the gap linked to the hyperlink $M$ of $V$ by means of Kuranishi utilizing the CR-geometry of $M$ .

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Is a left-induced <9jy„-module. • Corollary. Let X be as above, *P* be the cotangent complex of X and N+ £ Mod(0A-J. Tben # ' ( C ( s d ^ , R o m o x . (V*,N*))) = 0, i > 0. 42 RAGNAR^OLAF BUCHWEITZ AND JOHN J. MILLSON Proof. Since i : X* —• W* is an embedding the functor i* carries left-induced Ow0~ modules to left-induced Ox*-modules. Hence V* is a left-induced Ox*-module. • We conclude this chapter by deriving the spectral sequence of tangent cohomology and the independence of the tangent complex Lx on the choice of resolvent 0 (up to quasi-isomorphism of differential graded Lie algebras).

T A •* R f t Ho(R') * B A +k t induces *fc We must prove that Ho(R) is flat over A and that the right-hand square is cocartesian, that is that the induced map Ho(R')Ak —• Ho(RfAk) = Ho(R) = B is an isomorphism. This latter statement follows immediately from the rightexactness of (gufc applied to the short-exact sequence Bo(R') —• Co(R') —• Ho(R'). It remains to check that Ho(R') is flat over A. 3, R' is a resolution of H0(Rf) and R= R'®A k. Hence we have Hi(R) = Torf (#o(#')> *); 0 < i < oo.

Then Hx is Jr-invariant by definition and the pair (if, J) is a strongly pseudo-convex CR-structure on M. Let T1,0(M) be the bundle of -hi-eigenspaces for J acting on the complexification of H 0 C. We let T°^(M) = Tl>°(M), the complex conjugate of Tl>°(M). Then T°>X(M) = T 0 ' 1 ^ ) | M H (T(M) ® C) . Thus T°fl(M) is an integrable sub-bundle of T(M) 0 C. A pair ( # , J) as above on an odd-dimensional manifold M such that the ±i-eigenspaces of J on H ® C are integrable constitutes an (abstract) CR-structure on M, see [Ta], Chapter I.

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