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By Tom Weller

A faulty travel of Literature, effective and Dandy Arts, and the Subhumanities.

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The Irish Frankenstein” The concept of race is controversial, since variation within the traditionally established races is often far more extreme than between any two ethnic groups, but to say that we don’t divide each other into races would be to ignore thousands of years of human history. Not to mention the fact that white people drive a car like this: Fig. 3 While black people drive a car like this: Fig. 4 Despite increasing globalization and intermarriage, or “miscegenation,” there are still distinct and important differences between members of the different races.

In some racial theory, white is not a race at all, but rather the absence of race. It follows that all colored peoples are ethnic others, and whites are a base or norm around which the races revolve. Not surprisingly, this is the view held by most whites, and, until 1962, by the Crayola company. However, elementary color theory teaches us that white is not the absence of color, but the presence of all colors, and that’s why white people are so insecure. 1. Whites hate all other races, but it is only because, in truth, they hate themselves; it is the white man’s racial self-loathing that feeds his inveterate racism.

The Coltrane Court It all started in 1896, when the United States Supreme Court ruled to allow segregation in railway cars. Plessy v. Ferguson effectively sanctioned institutional reverse racism, and was decided unanimously by the short-lived, all-minority Coltrane Court of the late nineteenth century. Nonetheless, the ruling stood until the 1950s. Of course, Brown v. Board wasn’t the end of anti-white discrimination in this country, as we’ve seen. Affirmative action continues to keep the white man down, and a long tradition of raunchy black comedians, from Eddie Murphy to Eddie Griffin, has made a living with its vicious, anti-white humor.

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