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By Vivi Anna

A prequel to GLIMMER

This is a quick story…

Born with gills and never wings, Dashrael has constantly attempted to end up himself to the excessive fae of dusk. a talented tracker and hunter, his companies were used for a century. however the project this time is assorted and is going opposed to every little thing he believes in. And disobeying orders units future into motion.

“Vivi Anna is a grasp at writing city myth and paranormal romances that maintain the reader at the fringe of the seat and GLIMMER isn't any exception.” – Debbie, CK2KwipsandKritiques

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More dust rose ahead of them, flung into the sky by hundreds of thousands of Phyrexian feet. Eladamri stared at the oncoming foes. His eyes were steely, the same color as his armor and hair. He should shout something, some battle cry. This was the moment of death. Elves always shouted defiance in the face of death. He could think of nothing. His tongue was a thick lump in his mouth. Beside him stood Liin Sivi—no elf, but a Vec. Her eyes too were the color of her hair—black. They gazed with an altogether different emotion.

A sadness entered the planeswalker's thoughts. Dominaria has not been our world for ages of ages. I haven't time for wordplay, Darigaaz thought as he reached the peak of his climb. I have a war to win. I agree. Let us be done with word games and begin our war. Bolts of black power emanated from the titan engine and ripped the air all about Darigaaz and his flying folk. The energy literally tore the sky open. Through rents in reality, an unreal world of chaos shapes and hissing forms appeared. The tears grew wider.

They would pay, these goblins—they and everyone else. Tsabo Tavoc crawled from stony sills down onto the main bridge. Her metallic legs chimed quietly on the rocky expanse. More moggs lined the structure. Brutish and mindless, they stood at what amounted to attention for a hunchbacked species. Tsabo Tavoc strode down the gauntlet of them. Her legs itched to knock them over the rail to their deaths. The beasts let her be. They could smell the blood of comrades on her. Besides, Tsabo Tavoc was expected.

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