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Fors hoped that was true--that Langdon had known the joy of proving his theory right--that his map had led him here before his death. Lura appeared out of the shadows, padding lightly up the mossy steps from the water's edge. And the mare moved in without urging, her hoofs rinsing on the broken marble as she came to join them. It was almost--Fors straightened, regarded the gathering night more intently--almost as if they feared an alien world enough to seek company against it. And yet he did not feel the unease he had known in those other ruins--this slice of woodland held no terrors.

For the rest of the afternoon Fors was busy. He hunted with Lura, bringing back the best parts of a deer they surprised at the end of the lake, and some of the quail flushed out of the grass. He added an uncounted number of armloads to the stack of firewood. There were berries, too, won from a briary thicket. And, when at last he threw himself down beside the fire and stretched out his aching leg, he was so tired he thought that he could not move again. But now they were provisioned for more than one day ahead.

He sensed her restlessness even before he heard the pad of her paws and saw her move toward the door. He crawled after her, trying to spare his leg. She had halted at the outer portico of the building and was looking down into the blackness of the ruined city. Then he saw what held her--a pin point of red to the north--the telltale flicker of fire flame! So there was other life here! Plainsmen for the most part kept clear of the ruins--in memory of the old days when radiation killed. And the Beast Things--did they possess the secret of fire?

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